Requinte Secular, is a young company in the construction sector.

In the beginning of its activity, intends, starting from a family structure, to have a sustained growth that allows to assume as a company capable of responding to market challenges. Requinte Secular, will use this characteristic of young company as an advantage to follow with greater ease and greater openness of mind the evolution of the sector in question.

Formed by a young and competent team, is a company that promises innovation, not leaving aside the knowledge and maturity of some of its employees experienced in the construction sector.

Effectiveness, technical ability, compliance timings, innovation along with a dash of dynamism and real concern with human resources policy. In this way, it seeks a lasting partnership with the different agents in the market, customers, and a constant search for the highest quality, in order to be able to satisfy all projects where is present.


Requinte Secular's activity is to provide services at the level of private works and public works. With many projects carried out in Europe for reference companies, Requinte Secular has been developing the knowledge and experience of its technical team with the objective of providing competitive and high quality services, where appropriate, partnership with other technicians, companies, architects, engineers, among others, seeking to solve the most complex problems. The combination of these factors, combined with technical rigor, meeting deadlines and the experience of the technical team, create value and generate customer satisfaction, contributing to the company's growing prestige and reputation.

Why us?

  • Our work is our passion
  • Quality work
  • We meet deadlines
  • Professional service

logoOur services

We execute the following projects and specialties

Construction management

Site plannig, execution and control of the construction process from the beginning to its completion, reaching the final objective in a certain timeframe, with a certain cost and through the mobilization of human resources and construction materials.


Extensive repair, renovation and modification of a building to be carried out in accordance with economic critea or equivalent to those required for a new building for the same purpose.


Elaboration and planning of the structural works namely reinforced concrete and masonry according to the project specifications.


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logoWhat our clients say

" Requinte Secular has exemplary professionals, who give us answers on suitable time and brilliant solutions. "

- Antonio Ribeiro

" Good collaboration with Requinte Secular. Professional teams. "

- Jean-Claude Descartes

" They are the n°1 contracters in the construction and remodeling of any type of space, private or commercial. very good Price / quality. "

- Ricardo Araújo

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AddressAvenida da Boavista 970 2°C
Porto, Portugal 4100

Phone +351 22 491 9766

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